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stabilizer rotation angle

Posté : 09 sept. 2010 12:29
par Vitello
I'm Francesco and with my friend Davide we are building a Menestrel HN700. Anyone of you met Davide at the rassemblement in August.
So we have a little doubt about the stabilizer rotation angle. We installed the cloche and the steel cables following the drawings and the maximum excursion we could obtain are +21° and -21°.
I read over Cahier de Menestrel that excursion angle must be +-30° but I'm quite sure that is not possible.

How much the angle must be following your experiences?

Thx so much

Re: stabilizer rotation angle

Posté : 10 janv. 2014 08:23
par PELLETIER Laurent
Hello Francesco

I will not be able to help you for the HN700 but my plane is a HN434 and values should also be +/-30°. Physicaly I did not succeed to have more than +25 and -28° and it's realy enough for flying in good safety conditions.

+/-21° are smaller values so I can't conclude anything, but I hope you will have some datas from our HN700 owners in this forum.