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Engine Revs

Posté : 04 mai 2016 16:24
par zuludelta
Hi, I am part owner of GCDZR, we are expecting our new permit to fly in the next few days!
We would like to know what the static and cruise revs other menestrel owners are getting with the 2100cc VW.
At present, with a 58"/40" Prince "P-Tip", we get only 2700 static and 3150 wot cruise, this is a new engine with only 3hours ground running and 2hours flight test time.
Thanks, Simon

Re: Engine Revs

Posté : 16 mai 2016 11:43
par PELLETIER Laurent
Hello Simon

A 54x40 propeller for a 2100cc engine should be ok. 2700rpm at static test is à low value but acceptable in my opinion. After 30 to 50 hours, your engine will be more free and you will gain à few rpm. Full power cruise with 3200rpm seems not so bad for a 2100cc engine, this correspond to the max rpm of this engine on the paper. But if you think your take off distance is really too long, then you can remove 2 cm to your propeller diameter, you should improve by 100 rpm your static value and cruise value.

Best regards


Re: Engine Revs

Posté : 16 mai 2016 21:07
par DANE Serge
Hi Simon,

I removed 1 cm of my propeller and win 50 rpm, but performances not affected ?
I think that Laurent is right but don't forgot the static balance.
Laurent, nice to see you again on the forum